Before the race

It’s race day! Yesterday, on our way to Connemara we stopped in Galway to pick up our race packs and t-shirts, they gave me the wrong t-shirt.

I got one for the ultra run!!

Then drove out to Lenaun at Killary Harbour where we are staying for two nights. The last 20 km of the drive were along the route of the race.


It seemed might hilly, a lot more hilly than the elevation profile on the website suggested. So we talked quite a lot about that over dinner last night.


The hotel(image above) has been very accommodating regarding my food requirements. They actually put together a menu just for me. The food is really good fair play to them for magic-ing two four course meals with a selection of courses just for me!! It hits all the health criteria and I really can’t ask for more at all. I am very grateful. And on on top of everything else we are staying in a very, very beautiful spot of Ireland, probably one of the prettiest villages on the westcoast. Here a few more photos:




There was an incredible amount of rain yesterday evening and pretty much all through the night. I didn’t get much sleep. I thought I would but somehow my mind was busy, busier than I thought it would be. So now I’m quite tired but strangely calm. I’m not worried about today. I have a quiet confidence and can honestly say whatever will be will be. Thankfully the rain has stopped though it is cold outside. The mountains across Killary Harbour from here are all snow capped.

before the race

In a way I’m nearly glad about that because it’s not going to be that difficult to figure out what to wear. It’s a typical wintery day out there.

Time for breakfast!


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