First Long Run again

total distance: 14.55 km

Total time: 1:44:10 

Total ascent: 280m

Fastest pace: 5:45/km

Average pace: 7:22/km

After a week of chasing my tail and zero running I was determined to get out for a long one today. I had no real plan just went out the door and followed where the path took me. I went uphill first. The paths were nice and dry so I went around the hill first, chasing rabbits in the early morning glory. Then it was up to the same old bench and an extra circle at the top. I stopped for a 7 min workout at the picnic site and the headed for the beach. Running on the sand was tough going and I felt my bruised toes :-/

I was glad to be on the road again but at that stage (10k) I started to drop my pace a little and took it easy for the last 4.5km. Wasn’t the best run ever but it was an important one. I was very lucky with the weather. I started out with fab sunshine and blue sky. It started to drizzle on the last 2 k and now that I’m home it’s bucketing out there.

run 25:04:15

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  1. Rachel says:

    I love your runs…so much variety and so many options for beauty. Good work :D

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