30/4 – 3/5 – 6/5 four runs – week 8 of the new program

30/04/15 Interval Training

Distance: 7 km
Time: 47 min
Average Pace: 6:42 /km
Fastest Pace: 4:44 /km I don’t believe that! The app must have been n-app-ing.
Total Ascent: 90 m
30:04:15 pace run
1.5 km warm up and then I did some interval training (me running up and down the only flat bit of road back and forth until I had the intervals done) 8 x 1:30 min fast/1 min slow and the run another 3 km plus 90 m elevation to cool down and get home.
Had some nice splits with encouraging pace. 5 more weeks before the Potsdam HM – maybe I’ll have improved my overall pace by then.


03/05/15 Long Run

Distance: 16 km
Time: 1:50:00
Average Pace: 6:51 /km
Fastest Pace: 5:42 /km
Total ascent: 150 m
03:05:2015 long run

Easy early morning long run – after a day of torrential rain the day before I was glad it was only foggy out when I woke up Sunday morning.
I left early to avoid traffic and headed mostly downhill (as much as that is possible here) with only 200m ascent, taking all the detours possible to make my run as long as possible without running back which would have meant running back uphill again.
It was lovely and quiet and after about 25 minutes the fog started to lift. When I got the Courtown Harbour I had another 2 km to ‘do’ and so I turned onto the trails. They were lovely but much, much slower…
All in all a great run though. I can definitely feel my legs getting stronger and ‘springy’. I noticed once I managed to keep my stride length short I had much less problems with my ‘dragging’ right leg as I get past 12 km. So I think it I will practice that… work on my form to decrease my stride length and increase step frequency.


06/05/15 Short Trail Run

Distance: 5 km
Time: 37 min
Average Pace: 7:22 /km
Fastest Pace: 5:08 /km
Total Ascent: 170 m
06:05:2015 short trail run
Fantastic run today. The weather has been pretty miserable here. It’s May and officially it’s summer in Ireland now. It doesn’t feel like summer most days though. Today started overcast and dull but the clouds started to break up and there was some sunshine… until it started to pour rain again; wash, runs, repeat. I finally went out at 2 pm. It was cool and windy (NW force 6 winds). I went around the hill first and noticed straight away I felt I had good speed in me. I did the entire ascent in under 7 /km average. As I reached the top the clouds had broke up and the view was pretty spectacular.
The last km was the slowestvstretch of the run even though it was mostly all downhill. I took the ‘direct’ route back and the paths are still pretty treacherous. I really focused on my stride length and step frequency throughout the run though. The icing on the cake was the final ascent, the bit I call the Rocky Balboa Steps, a viciously steep section that is only a few hundred meters from our house. It’s so step I haven’t managed to run it from bottom to top at the end of a run until TODAY!! Like I said, I had a good run today :-)


I’ve been doing 7 – 15 minute core work most days for the last couple of weeks and today I added another new exercise set to my repertoire: skipping! I thought it might come in handy as a type of speed work. I do it in my bare feet and I noticed I jump on my forefoot only. that should really improve structural stability in the foot… We’ll see.

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    Yes! Seeing progress and feeling springy is awesome! Love these posts.

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