During my last run I got that niggling discomfort on my right knee that I know oh so well. I used to think it’s the bursa ‘feeding’ the joint that got irritated. Maybe it is. I googed it and there is another very common runner injury that could be the cause of it. It’s the IT-band that is irritated where it joins the tibia. Bottom line it hurts. And it was a relatively sudden onset. So I stopped running immediately because I know one thing about it. Once the irritation settles in it really hardtop shake off.

It’s a really bad injury to have so close to the race and at such a crucial point in my training though. I’m pretty upset and fear for Potsdam. I really want to run that race and I had high hopes of being able to run it at a really good speed. The only way that’s going to happen now is if I can shake off this injury and maintain some kind of training and shape to be able to run 21.5 km. I think I can scrap my ambitions of running Potsdam at a particularly great pace. I’ve decided to take a week off running and just improve my hip stability and see what else I can do for this IT-band…

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