23/05/15 shortish test run

Distance: 9 km
Time: 1:02:00
Average Pace: 6:40 /km
Fastest Pace: 5:49 /km

After a week of no running I was excited to go out this morning. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous because this is crucial test for the race in two weeks and I was afraid because maybe I’m testing the knee to early? I’ve spent a week working on core and IT band and finally invested in some insoles for my slight pronation.
I ran uphill for the first three km and then had the long decent on the far side of the hill. I finished with a three km loop on the road.
The result: no pain in the knee but seriously tired legs! I feel unready for the HM in two weeks. I know I can finish it but my training has seriously suffered over the last three weeks. My aim is still above all to stay injury free though. I’ll do a longish run next week to see how the knee holds out and possibly a few short ones with some more speed training. And if all that goes well the Potsdam HM is on the cards.

23:05:15 run

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