First real long run since the HM

16:08:15 run

Total distance 16:01 km

Time: 1:57:00

Total ascent: 200m

Total descent: 250m

Average pace: 7:15/km

Fastest pace: 5:37/km

Tuesdays are for long runs. At least that’s what they used to be! Today was the day to return to that routine. I headed out just before 8 with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. I had packed the rucksack with 1l of water and some jelly beans. Pretty early on I was aware that it would be a hot one, at least for Ireland.

Didn’t spare myself any ascents so I took the back road down to the Anchor. I think there was a grand total of 4 cars – my kind of road running! Instead I was stopped by a farmer hearing his cattle across the road. It was early!

I did pace myself on the first 1.2 km climb up into Castletown village. And the I turned due north and headed up to Kilmichael Point. The road was getting busier by then. And I was hitting the first hr mark when I got a text from J to tell me he’s on the beach. I wasn’t right on the head at that point yet so I changed plans and back tracked 3 km to avoid the very slow uneven coastal path. I also really wanted to make this a long run and not spend 15 minutes scrambling. So I turned back and headed back the way I came before taking the next possible left towards the water front. I so enjoy that stretch of road right at the edge! There is a stretch of wall that obviously used to be part of a house, the only thing that’s left is a bit of window that tells the tale of the wall. I was dropping my pace right down to 7:30, I was tired but the views made up for it tenfold and the slow pace made me able to take plenty of photos. I ran out of water at that point so I guess I’m gonna just have to bring the bladder from now on…

The last 2.5 km I ran the length of the beach and that was so tough, so tough but I pushed through and finished the 16km in just under 2 hrs. It’s funny how the racing has taught my I can!! I think there might have been a time where I would have just stopped running at some point. I didn’t and it was fine!

When I got to the end of the beach climbing the rocks was a bit of an effort with exhausted legs but I made that too and then went for a fantastic cooling swim in the sea!

It’s nice to be back to HM training distances. Looking forward to what’s ahead regarding running. Bit longer, bit faster and maybe I’ll start marathon training over the winter.16:08:15 run

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