Acidental HM

Total Distance: 21.75 km
Time: 2:21:26
Average Pace: 6:30 /km
Fastest pace 5:42 /km
Total Ascent: 241 m
Total Descent: 357

Set out for my long run with the intention of going further than 16 km. Beautiful island weather here today. Blue sky and sunshine first thing in the morning with a gradual increase in clouds while being blown around by gale force winds.

This is the last week of no ‘moms-trying-to-kill-you-while-on-the-phone-bringing-their-kids-to-school’ traffic. We live 1/2 a mile away from the local primary school and you simply can’t run between 8:30 and 9:30 within about 10 km of the place… unless you have a death wish.

So I took the quiet Wednesday morning with zero traffic opportunity and chose a brand new route.

It started with a 3 km climb over to the next ridge. It was gruesome. I was doubtful about the 16 k target at km 4… But my app was encouraging me as I was able to hold my 6:20 /km pace so I kept going, down, up, down, down, up, down, down until it was time for another 1.5 km climb. Traffic was getting busier around 9 am but thankfully at that point I was nearly done with the busier roads.

I then turned on to my favourite coast road along the top of the cliff edge and headed south towards the beach. I had clocked just over 15 km then and had the option of doing another loop on the roads or run the beach.

There was a big swell so the beach looked quite exposed and soft from all the extra water. So I opted for the road and added another 3 km. I met my husband who was out walking the beach and we then walked the final 4 km on the sand together.

It was only when I was turning off the app that I realised I had done a HM and even more surprised that even with the barefoot walking on the beach my time was a PB.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

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