A Saturday Morning ‘Sprint” to the Beach

Distance: 6.76 km
Time: 39 min
Average Pace: 5:50 /km
Fastest Pace: 4:37 /km

Total Ascent: 197 m
Total Descent: 297 m

5km in 28:47 min

And that’s that! I broke the 30 min barrier by a good margin and it had plenty of uphill in the making. I’m buzzing I’m so happy.

I wasn’t top motivated to leave this morning. I had breakfast and then hung around the house to spend some time with J just to co-ordinate the morning activity schedule. J walks the beach nearly every day now and it’s nice to finish a run with a walk, plus i save myself 100 m of extra ascent :-).

The mornings are cool now. It’s around 10˚C or lower. If I sit around the house too long I get cold before I leave and so today I actually wore a long sleeve top for my run. I had my route planned. I turned right at the white tree to take the back roads over to Castletown. It was a beautiful morning and I started to take off my jacket after less than a km into the run. After about 1 km I spotted another runner on the road ahead from me.

Maybe it was my competitive nature that made me speed up a little bit more. I was also insanely curious who that, was it a woman, was…
It took me about 400 m before I caught her. Turns out it was G, the woman who owns the local shop. I had only met her down at the beach during my last run and she had said to me she hasn’t run in months. There she was! I was very happy to run into her. She’s got a good pace. She was doing a very short run today so we split at the next T-junction because I was about to start the 1 km climb into Castletown.

Just after I passed the Anchor I hit the target 5 km and I was thrilled when the voice in my pocket told me 28:47! I knew I had it in me because all my splits had been well below 6:00/km. Hearing it was something special though. A good day! I kept pushing my pace for the last km and then dropped speed for the last 3/4 km to cool down. I was early and new I had to wait for J. I was so happy though I just strolled down to the beach and sat down enjoying LIFE!

I watched the waves crashing onto the empty beach and the terns diving into the water catching their breakfast.

J arrived shortly afterwards and we walked the entire length of the beach with a swim stop in the alcoves at the south end. The waves we cold and big but also exhilarating and refreshing cause I had to dive through them so as not to get knocked down by them. I think today was one of my happiest days down there this year.

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