My Longest Long Run

Total Distance: 25 km
Total Time 2:50 min
Average Pace: 6:47 /km
Fastest pace: 5:10 /km
Total Ascent: 366 m
Total Descent: 472 m

The days are getting cooler now. I can feel a nip in the air. It’s harder to dress for running because I’m chilly as I step out the door but as soon as I hit the flatter, sun drenched road sections at the bottom of the hill I warm up. And soon enough the long sleeve top feels way to hot. Today was different though because I took the upper circuit road. It’s very over grown and very uneven for the first 1 km. And then it’s just up, up, up all the way to the first stop point at the bench at the top of the trail leading up on the southerly side of the hill.

The forest trail is also quite technical with lots of loose rocks and branches and uneven ground. It has got better over the summer months but now that I’m used to road running it is seriously slow progress and I nearly regretted my route choice as I was running way below 7:30 /km on large stretches over the first 4 km today. Sitting at the desk and reflecting on the run and how much slower I’ve been doing this hill and trail run in the past (6-12 months ago) I have to laugh though. I wonder why I care so much about time and pace and speed and getting better. Am I loosing track of the overall goal here, which is run for the sake of running and celebrating that I am and that I can? And after my road pace has nothing to do with my trail pace anyway.

Once I descended the pace obviously picked up and back on the road I was able to hold a steady pace just over 6:00/km. I stuck to the coast road and ran all the way to Kilmichael Poit. I just love that place and stopped for a few minutes, just because I enjoyed being there and also to take some photos. Kilmichael Point is at the very northern border of Co. Wexford. There is an old building at the very end of a perfectly straight road of about 2 km. I have no idea what the building’s original purpose was but I suspect it had some kind of marine/maritime function. The building has been converted into domestic units. I don’t know if they are holiday places or if some people live there permanently. I just think the location is fantastic and if I did’t live in a great house with great views those units definitely would make it into the top 10 place to live on the east coast for me. As it is I am happy to say I love living where I live and don’t desire to move even if I the opportunity were to arise… Now, back to running!

After Kilmichael I turned back and ran the same way I came for 3 km. It’s funny how the thought of that never really appealed to me before but I’m changing my take on it because running in the opposite direction is completely different. The views are different and even the course is different. What was up is down what was left is right etc. Now running in southward direction I turned left towards the sea again and did the familiar loop north of Kilgorman Beach. By the time I got to the north end of the beach I was past 18 km and decided to finish the run by returning to the Anchor and Meet J before going down to the beach and doing the 5 km walk with him.

So between the run and the walk I did 25 km in just under 3 hours. And though I had started with a tough first 4 km I felt pretty good. I am now confident I can push my distances further.This is where I wanted to be in June/July. I’m really happy I can just continue on now albeit with a slight delay. :-)

01:09:15 run

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