This weeks short run at 7 am

Total Distance: 5 km
Time: 34:47 min
Average pace: 6:54/km
Fastest Pace: 5:19/km
Total ascent: 80 m

We have visitors arriving over the next couple of days and with that comes the mad activity increase to get the house ready. Yesterday, we decluttered our spare room and I had planned a trip to the recycling centre this morning. I’ve been so busy getting things done that I didn’t even get any walks in this week and I knew If I don’t do this run today, I wouldn’t get another chance. I got up at 6 to have breakfast and then headed out. I don’t think I’ve set out this early for a run in a long time. I knew within the first 200 m that this wasn’t going to be an easy run. The familiar felt like a challenge. While running I was wondering if it was just lack of sleep or plain too early. For the last couple of runs I’ve been heading out around 9 and some even later.

After about a km I noticed this wasn’t just fatigue though. I had terrible tummy cramps and had to jump a fence(gate) onto a field with some horses grazing at the other end.
The horses were very curious and came over to me. I was quicker though and back on the road side of the gate before they got to where I was. They were beautiful horses! Very tall and very friendly and obviously curious. They even let me rub them. I had a really good feeling about the two which is unusual because I’m not really a horse type person.
I didn’t linger but continued on my run. I felt a bit better but the uphill at km 4 was too hard for me so I slowed down to a walk and was glad when the voice in my pocket told me, activity completed! I just had to make my way back up the final climb.

Today was possibly one of the lamest runs in a long while. At least I know why. Seems I got a full blown tummy upset. I know what caused it too. It will take a few days to get out of my system. That’s the nice thing about knowing, you know it will be over eventually. ;-) I think I’ll go back to bed for a nap, now.

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