Sunday run

Total Distance: 14 km
Time: 1:34:00
Average Pace: 6:48/km
Fastest Pace: 5:25/km
Ascent/Descent: 210 m

I woke up in a fowl humour this morning and new I had to get out of the house. I just left the house at 8 and ran without a real plan on where or how far I was going to go. Because I had done my long, long run only five days ago I was cautious not to push too hard today. So I reigned in on my desire to run it all out by going back to Kilmichael Point. Instead I took the shorter routes in that general direction and did a loop along the coast road along the cliffs edge. I had packed some swim wear and as I had spent most of my km tokens on the northerly roads I knew I had a beach run coming if I wanted to swim in the alcoves at the south end of the beach. It was a beautiful morning and super quiet everywhere.
When I crossed the footbridge onto the beach at the North end I was surrounded by loads of swallows who were feeding above the fresh water inlet. Pretty magical.

After stopping enjoying (and filming) the swallows I ended up running the length of the beach. The ground was just about runable though it was obviously slower than the road. The beach was lovely and empty. When i got to the alcoves I quickly got changed and jumped in, it’s getting cold!! Air temps were below 50˚F/10˚C but i was still hot from running so I managed ok. ;-)

My last remnants of bad mood had pretty were washed away by the sea water. I didn’t linger though there was a bit of sun in the sky. I still had to run back up the hill home.
It was a good run and when I got home I got a text from my running buddy (who tends to train for marathon distance) who asked me if i’m available for runs again, yeah! I’m ready!

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