Track Work At Sachtleben Strasse

Total Distance: 6.64 km
Time: 36:20 min

4x200m sprints and 4x100m sprints with 200 m intervals
4:07/km, 4:23/km, 4:41/km, 4:41/km with averages around 5:20 /km during interval training.

1 km warm-up and 1 km cool-down.

I’m in Berlin for a week. And it’s great to be in the city. Plus the weather is still a good bit warmer than at home with temps above 20 most days.
Just moving around the city is a mini workout. I cycle to and from anywhere we go as much as I can. I don’t think I’ve taken a bus for any journey yet.

I really enjoyed the track work though it was hard! But having a decent track close by would make all the different to actually go and do it. This track is full of memories for me.

07:09:2015 run

I used to compete in the Bundesjugendspiele and Local inter school competitions on this track. And if my memory doesn’t fail me, I think we even did our Abi-exams on this track. Now it’s only used by a local athletics club and the odd football club. It’s still in great condition though, the grass pitch in particular. The spectator stands are the only thing that really tell you, the pitch has seen better days.

07:09:2015 run2

There are two old pensioners who have a container vegetable garden all around the old changing room buildings. The keep the place well and their tomato and cucumber plants and assorted flowers look beautiful!

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