Running along Teltow Kanal in Berlin

Total Distance: 12 km
Total Time: 1:14
10 k Time: 1:02:26

It being Berlin this was a flat course apart from the inclines up and down the ramps at the street bridges over the canal. For the first 1.5 km I ran along the road and then crossed the canal to run along the Mauerpfad. The Mauerpfad is a public walkway along the old boarder between east Germany and West Berlin where the wall once stood. It’s a tarmac ‘road’ well it would be a road if it where in Ireland. I certainly would fit a car quite comfortably. As it is, it’s an amenity and lots of people use it to walk, cycle and run. On this Sunday morning the ‘traffic’ was continuously building up.

At km 6 came to another bridge (in Lichterfelde) and I asked another runner if you could run along the canal on the other bank too. She said yes, though the track isn’t as good. I decided to chance it and crossed over. She was right but though it was a bit slower it wasn’t ‘bad’ for running for another 3 km. There it turned into a narrow dirt track with lots of tree rooots and soft sand so I decided to stop the timer and walk for roughly a km before resuming my run.

The sun was out and it was getting really warm (for an Irish person) and I didn’t have any water with me because I left all the running bags at home in Ireland on this trip to Berlin. So I finished the run and walked the remaining 1.5 km home as a cool down.

I really enjoyed this run and am chuffed with the overall pace of the 10k. I’m getting closer and closer to my one hour target.

13:09:2015 run

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