Blogging and links

I am spending lot more time on the net these days. My interests are blogs and stuff around blogs. I have created some links of blogs i come across, blogs I like and blogs I found note worthy. Obviously this list does not reflect my priorities, but merely hope to network with others I have stumbled across which have touched me.

We have an animal shelter in our town and it is so pitiful, it pains me. Marvin was rescued from there. Ever since we got him, I’ve been considering helping out. Just before Christmas I went down there because I considered dedicating some time as a volunteer. They have dogs and cats in a space so small, they are literally on top of each other. I wanted to help. So I took two dogs for a walk. It was a wet day and the dogs where so happy to go out, nonetheless, so we walked along the only busy road there is.

I brought them back and have not been back ever since. Why? Because it pains me too much! Dog walks should be done on a beach, dogs leaping freely. These poor souls are deserving of that! They deserve a dedicated human companion.

I do not wish to look the other way. I look. But walking the dogs like that, and seeing the animals cooped up in such poor conditions makes me want to save them all, bring them all home, help them now. But I obviously can’t do that! I choose to talk about it, so people know and hopefully will (continue to) respect animals. And I will go back, even to walk the dogs.

Maybe Marvin will make you smile. He makes me smile anyway!

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