Flowery Memories of Childhood

It’s a beautiful morning today. There is deep blue clouds on the northwestern horizon, but the southeast is sunny and warm, I will be going out into the garden today to re-pot some of my plants. they have been completely neglected and many of them struggle to compete with the weeds co-habitating the confined, minuscule pots they live in!

So I shall go and buy some nice potting compost and give them all a boost!

I have really clear memories of this time of the year from my childhood. There was daffodils and crocuses growing in the back garden just underneath my window, and I remember those vibrant clear yellow and purple flowers peaking through the snow. And the daffodils making there ambitious attempts to remind us, spring will be here soon! I was in the supermarket on Saturday and, they were selling forsythias. I had a wave of emotions dwelling up in me for a a moment, my mum and I used to take cuttings towards to end of the winter and put them in a vase indoors to have a beautiful display of golden blossom a couple of days later. They made a really nice Easter decoration. But Easter will be late this year, so probably not for Easter… (oh, by the way, I bought the plant;-))

And this morning there is a tiny bit of warmth in the sun already, and sure enough the daffodils in my pots are shooting!

No picture today, memories are pictures in your mind… not transferable on to a computer, yet!

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