right here

My brother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly over the weekend. He was only in his 40s and died of a massive heart attack while on a short break holiday in Italy.

It’s shocking. The feeling I have inside is best described as raw. And as so often lately I feel the need to make every precious living moment worth it. So many times in the past I have found myself say, when such-and-such happens, then this-that-the-other will be better. Then it will be better. What? And why? It’s like always hunting always out to be more, have more, whatever it is. I find we live in the future and of future gratification. So I have to pinch myself and return to the now. Right here.

I have such a good life. I am very happy. I love and feel loved.

I believe in life before death.
I believe in giving.

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