I need to get out more

It is true! For days ‘n days I’ve been sitting at my computer now, well I need to correct that – Night after night – would be more accurate! I’ve actually joined a halo clan, and it is really kinda cool! Many of the intellectual elite who frequent this site (cheek-in-tongue comment!) might frown now, others might think quietly, jeepers, act your age. But truth be told, I’m having a blast!

I thoroughly enjoy the new “company”. They are really good kids, I say kids because most of them are teenagers and could be my children!! And it makes me wonder, how people get their opinions about others, in this case gamers, and games, in this case a first-person-shooting game. Do we not just become incredibly narrow minded and arrogant as we get older? Do we forget to engage and try things out before we have an opinion about them?

The flip side of my new world? Well I don’t get out enough! Here I am, it’s lovely sunny day and I’m sitting in the sunshine at the kitchen table (with my 12′ inch super flat gorgeous alluminium PowerBook -> I need to brag about it because I’ve cursed the absence of Windows XP secretly a couple of times… you see, I can’t do xfire nor teamspeak! And really, I’d never convert! Might be a really good reason to get the new MacBookPro thought!! I feel slightly hung over because I didn’t go to bed until 3:30 am! I’ve been saying to the VK lot, I’ve relocated to mid-Atlantic GTM to make up for the lag of the US based players… -never mind, don’t ask me to explain, it’s more a tribute to them then anything else.

Right, I’ll make a change now. I’ll get my coat and my best friend off the couch and we’ll go down to the beach! And I will bring the camera! With a bit of luck I’ll capture a moment!

See you later!

VK~Miss Daisy

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