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I’ve had a busy, busy couple of days. The creative everyday challenge has been on the forefront since I started it, actually art has been the thing I’ve been spending most of my time with for the last two months. And then I was busy with the move from blogger to here so I had to learn all about templates, widgets, downloads, uploads, plug-ins, find things I couldn’t do without here but that I had on the old blog in the world of open source generosity and having difficulties, but for now I’m happy enough with the new look and features.

It’s Sunday night and today I spent most of the day in the garden attending my vegetable patches and poly tunnel. There is not much to see, except well, no more weeds. But there is no growth, just hard work, lot’s of digging, but nothing to write about on tunnel time. And I haven’t lifted a pen, crayon, let alone paint brush nor have I carved wood or rock, written any poetry, I didn’t even sing. Whistled or hummed maybe while working but nothing to justify a post on the creative side.

And though it was a really, really gray day outside, it was a very, very nice. Today I feel happy in my garden, in my home, in my own skin, on these square meters of earth, on this day, my around 15,500th day on this planet.

Today was a new day, a normal day, a good day. Thank you.

3 Responses to “home for my thoughts”

  1. Angie C says:

    I like the new sites! I have been toying around with our new photo blog since December. It also uses WP and have been doing much of the same thing as you. I think we are even using the same template (great minds think alike ;)

    Oh, and I am glad to hear that today was a good day – I wish you many many more.

  2. amy says:

    Sounds like you were busy but feeling peaceful. I’m glad you had a good day digging in the ground getting your hands covered in earth.

  3. Skytimes says:

    Oh, how I love digging dirt and working in the garden. No polytunnel here, just some more snow. Can’t wait til spring to start my volunteer garden-slave job at my friend’s places. There is something so comforting about hands being covered in soil.

    Enjoy a lot more good days! xoxo

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