In our house we used to have these arguments when the seasons begin. I could now launch into an elaborate musing about wanting to be right and the kind of petty arguments that can arise out of this rather poor characteristic, the one called, but I’m right. But I will spare you and just say, I eat my words…

Ok, so where was I, yes, seasons and calendars. I always thought seasons are following the same meteorological and/or astronomical northern/southern hemisphere calendar at least in the western world society I live in. But my husband insisted Spring starts on the first of Febuary. But sure he couldn’t possibly be right!! That didn’t make sense to me at all. So I went to wikki and looked at calendar and seasons and there it was, it’s all to do with the solar calendar and that Spring starts in the middle of march (equinox time) and then runs for 3 months to give way to summer, etc… but I was wrong, well at least I was wrong in Ireland. There is such a thing as the Irish Calendar. And spring starts on the first of February. It’s believed to be of pagan origin, well Celtic for sure.

And I suppose the fact that Ireland is an island and the weather has it’s own very much distinctive features, they can do what they want, thankfully. So yes, it is springtime here. And I can prove it. it’s so warm today that I will enjoy doing my seeding for the vegetable garden in the bright springtime sunshine, today.

A picture of daffodils taken outside our house on the 12th February 2010. Oh, and yes, those are beach pebbles…


8 Responses to “Spring”

  1. Skytimes says:

    I’m officially envious. Mainland Europe is still covered in ice and snow and you guys have spring. On the calender (!) and in real. When I lived in Ireland it was the coldest July in 25 years, so I’m totally not used to seeing good irish weather.

    Enjoy… :)

  2. Barbara says:

    I keep checking for spring, I wish it would get here soon. It was snowing up on Dartmoor today.


  3. amy says:

    YAY to daffodils. Seeing those little green sprouts brings the Hope of spring. Still cold, grey and windy here, but the daffodils are popping up all over the place, soon to bring cheer with their yellow blooms.

  4. afteriris says:

    Oh! Happy Spring to you, my dear friend. I’m a big fan of daffodils, they’re so rigorously cheerful. xx

  5. sara lee says:

    RIGHT ON for Spring!!
    send it on over the ocean!!

  6. Laura says:

    Spring…we just had a big snow storm , first day school was closed this winter…it will be a few more week before my crocuses peek through.

  7. Janice says:

    Hi Ines, How are you?
    Yes, I would never have thought of it as the beginning of spring, but the pagan wheel of the year has the year divided into eight, and has 2nd Feb as Imbolc. It does make sense to have that sort of allowance for gradual changes anyway, doesn’t it. On our long-running gardening show on TV: Gardeners’ World they say Easter weekend is the beginning of the gardening year. I love your pebbly header, and your daffodil scene with the pebbles. Hope you have a lovely weekend,

  8. Catherine W says:

    I’m not sure if spring has arrived or not. I looked out on my back garden today to see both snow and my tulip bulbs sprouting! Confusing. x

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