trading cards

Today I received three artist’s trading cards from the mother henna valentine’s day heART swap.

A Key to My Heart 4 of 5 This trading card came from Brittani. I love the fine artwork, the delicate lines. I marvel at it’s beauty, as it hangs right above my computer screen along with the other two. Thank you, Brittani.


This ATC comes all the way from Arizona (unless AZ stands for somewhere else and I’m totally daft?!) from Gemma. I love this card. It’s so rich and the texture of the heart is amazing. Just beautiful. Thank you, Gemma!


And the third ATC came from my dear friend, Angie! I’m thrilled, I love your felt work, and this heart is beautiful. Thank you, Angie.

And thank you, Kara. For hosting this inspiring, enjoyable, wonderful swap I send you lots of love and a big hug.

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  1. gemma says:

    Oh I’m glad you got my heart card.
    I didn’t get one of yours…they were so cool.

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