slug feast

We went through the trouble and cut most of the grass in the back garden a few weeks ago because we’ve decided to start a vegetable patch! Wow, what a load of work and the most dreadful reality is, we will have to spend hours every week or so to maintain this huge area! We modified our mower so it can handle the lumpy, bumpy ground, so the grass is not really a lawn but well, a cut meadow!

Anyway, I started a load of seeds off in little planting containers and meanwhile laboured away in rotivating a patch of 1 x 4 m close to the back hedge. The soil is like rock, it’s really rich in clay and because it’s dry its incredibly hard! And then I put out some plants (strawberries) and planted some seed, onions, lettuce, carrots, radish… and NOTHING grew! So I planted out the first lot of seedlings in the hope they do better, cause i thought it might be the soil. Well it wasn’t! It was the monsters, the terror of the garden: SLUGS! I hadn’t finished planting the seedings a the other end of the patch, when they started to feast away on the beginning! 24 hrs later everything was gone!

Ah well, there is one certainty in all of this, there are some really happy, fat slugs in my little corner of the world this year!

And one crazy lawn mower… that’s the next model we are thinking of getting:

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