Ireland not just on Paddy’s Day

I’m starting to look at documentaries in a different way. Clicking through another person’s blog a while back I was introduced to a documentary done by a group called Aeraman about a stone mason in Thomas Street, Dublin.
This group released another film lately about 140 people answering the same question which we watched tonight, the night of St. Patrick’s Day. See if you can figure out the question that was asked.

These people are so very Irish, it’s a beautiful programme to watch on Paddy’s Day.

140 people can’t be embedded so you have to click through here.

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2 Responses to “Ireland not just on Paddy’s Day”

  1. Janice says:

    I’ve just watched it Ines and enjoyed it. Interesting to see the shallow answers and the very deep responses, and that often age wasn’t the deciding factor in whether a person would respond on one level or another. I’m sure this cross section of people and responses is typical of people in any Western country. It made me think about the song ‘My Grown Up Christmas List’ and also about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – that some people were struggling with money or health, or the health of a person dear to them, and that these were what they needed the miracle to be about. They had to be free from such immediate concerns to be able to think about the good of people the world over, or the good of community. Very interesting!

  2. caitsmom says:

    Very cool . . . wondering what the question was kept me listening and that drew me into understanding their answers more. . . “What would make you happiest and how would you know?” That’s my guess for the question.

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