I’ve been making an effort to continue my excursion into the meaning and use of the buttons on my camera.

This one is with F5.6 shutter speed 1/2000 manual focus – to be honest I’m still not sure this photo is in focus…

A beautiful blossoming plant (bulb? I think it is…) outside our front door. Pity I can’t remember what this beauty is called. Madelene, Caroline, Henrietta?

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  1. amy says:

    Lovely! I think the big front leftish petal is the focal point and is in focus. What a funky plant – I like it. my cousin left a message on my blog about photography tips and totally went over my head! I have soooooo much to learn.

  2. curlsofred says:

    Yes, indeed a funky plant!! Love it though, and love that you have the initiative to learn more about photography. Good for you!! I look forward to more of your pictures :)

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