I’ve picked 6lbs of blackberries. What do you do with so many berries bearing in mind this is just the beginning of at least 4 weeks of this repeat bounty?

The first lot went into the pot to be cooked with sugar and then frozen to make lovely pie fillings when the days are dark and cold outside.

Please, oh please could you share any ideas, recipes and advice you have? I’ll be very stuck because at the moment the pie filling and jam are the only two ideas I can think of. Wine would be another one but I have no idea how that’s done.

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  1. Jenni says:

    well it looks delicious! my mom used to make an ice cream topping by melting semi-sweet chocolate chips and stirring raspberry jam into it. serve warm of vanilla ice cream – delish! but not really something you can put up for the winter… sorry i can’t suggest more – i JUST had my first adventure in canning like 2 days ago. turned 12 lbs of organic tomatoes into 4 pints of spicy ketchup. really hoping i do not give us botulism! xo

    • forward tumble says:

      I burst out laughing reading your comment! I know the fear of botulism form last year, I have a tiny bit more confidence this year… I have gherkins to pickle, chutney and relishes and jellies and jams to make… I think this will be the busiest week ever… I’d love to know more about your ketchup recipe, please?


  2. Lis says:

    YUM! Growing up we had a peach tree and ate a lot of peach sauce and preserves! I love fresh sauces mixed with yogurt and granola and of course ice cream! My only suggestion: ship me some!

    I am laughing about homemade ketchup as one year my husband tackled that project. Tomatoes every where, the kitchen a mess and when he was done? One small container of ketchup! It was hilarious!

    Now, off to find out about your onions :)

    xo Lis

  3. Janice says:

    Not something to put away for the winter, but to enjoy now… Summer Pudding. Loads of recipes online if your Google, but here’s one I found:

    You would need to add a couple of other red berry fruits, but it could be heavier on the blackberries than the recipe suggests.

    What a lovely dilemma, though! We are currently into our ‘Plum’ period!


    • forward tumble says:

      we pick the blackberries by the kilo on a daily basis, there has been three days in a row with two kilos of berries (4lb)… I’m making jams and jellies and today started on the sweet/savories, chutney and pickled (not berries, that would be cucumbers and tomatoes). I’m exhausted from a day of food preserving. I’m very grateful for those recipes, Beth and Janice. Thank you both.


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