The harvest is in full swing. I have taken on a new challenge. I would like to not just eat from my vegetable garden, now, but will try to get us through the remainder of this year with the vegetables and fruit that grows in our garden. So I am very, very busy cooking, preserving, freezing. I do have to buy in some of the ingredients, some spices, lemons, sugar, apples, essentials that I simply do not have.

So far I have made:
blackberry jelly
courgette (marrow) and ginger jelly
plumb and apple jam
green tomato relish
spicy apple and blackberry christmas jam


plum(b) and apple – that’s an accidental and then deliberate spelling mistake, it’s a bit of old-life-meet-new-life thing :-P
pickled gherkins

frozen roasted tomatoes
frozen steamed courgettes for sauces
frozen french green beans
frozen runner beans
frozen broccoli (blanched)
frozen cauliflower (blanched)
frozen peas
frozen spinach (blanched)

dried onions

It’s strange for me, a city girl from a 3.5 million people town, to do these country living tasks. There really isn’t much time left in the day to blog, muse or anything when all the fat of the land is ripe at the same time and you try to preserve it all for the darker days of the year. While I work I often think about such proverbs and sayings that reflect these tasks, others come to mind like make hay while the sun shines, “jetzt geht’s ans Eingemachte” translated it would be something like now we open the stored goods. I was thinking of that one while I was standing on a ladder, storing away something like 20 odd labeled jars on the utility room shelf.

Which proverbs do you know, love, like or are reminded of?

3 Responses to “harvest”

  1. Jenni says:

    wow ines, you are where i want to be one year from now. i’m just starting to learn about canning, etc. “when the fat of the land is ripe…preserving it for darker days…” that is what it feels like around here too. would love to have your green tomato relish recipe sometime! xo

  2. amy says:

    Wow – you have been busy! The jam looks deeeeelicious! You and my cousin would be trouble if you lived close to one another :)

    • forward tumble says:

      Trouble? Well, why not! LOL made more jam, today. And more chutney. Two new ingredients, courgettes and rhubarb (not in the same recipe though!)

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