A tribute to a lost friend

The first cat we had taught us cat. Before she came into our life we considered cats not much more than a waste of good fur (I won’t tell you the source of this quote as not to cause any embarrassment to the author, that person should really go and wash his/her mouth out with chocolate…) Anyway, the first cat we had we named Hermione. She was a crazy little red haired cat who arrived on our veranda in our old house in Wicklow a little scrap, 

a kitten of about 12 weeks. She was adorable and very, very cute. She got into all sorts of mischief and was John’s best study buddy while he was doing his degree. She got hit by a car and killed just outside our house in February 2004 on Friday the 13th the day before Valentine’s day. We were devastated. She tore a huge hole into our life, a cat shaped hole that eventually got filled by other furry feline friends.
I’ll dig out some nicer pictures of her some day.

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