Sunday night at a quarter past eight in the evening everything comes to a grinding halt in many german households as the parents gather around the telly it’s Tatort time. It’s aired on Das Erste but made by the local channels and they all have their set cast for their Tatort.  The different local channels get to show their program in rotation. Each program tells a homicide crime story there is no specific link to another episode or program. During the summer months they show older episodes. Tatort has been around for many years, I remember it from when I was a child and the music is most familiar…

So don’t ring on Sundays at 7:15 pm (local time Germany is on GMT -1) because I have re-discovered my German heritage and wont be answering the phone:-p

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  1. forwardtumble says:

    oh, wow, I forgot about this, and feel I need to post an update, we finally ditched our telly (which had been broken for months) last autumn and didn't replace it. And i don't miss it one bit!

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