autumn colours

On the news today they were saying we are expecting a massive storm over the next 24 hrs. There are spring tides at the moment so the county councils are working hard securing low laying built up areas from expected water floods with the heavy rain and sea level changes the meterologists are predicting.

The sky here in the southeast was absolutely spectacular today. There have been massive big clouds in all kind of shades ranging from yellow, blue, and gray, nearly black and then brilliant white again. The sunlight is intensely bright and at an angle that makes everything nearly florescent and crystal clear, vividly sharp. I took some pictures of the front garden, the view from my window. It is on days like these I understand why there is such a thing as red/green colour blindness, for these two colours are so close together in nature.

There were big rain clouds passing by not to far from us. It didn’t rain at our house, we were in the bright sunlight all day and got to watch this spectacular display of nature.

Unfortunately the photos are slightly out of focus because I had my camera set on marco for some close-ups I was doing on my desk when I noticed the wonderful colour display outside. And I forgot to switch it back before taking these landscape images.

4 Responses to “autumn colours”

  1. leah says:

    Oh my, the landscape around you is what dreams are made of! Beautiful!

  2. Catherine W says:

    Beautiful photographs.

  3. amy says:

    Beautiful photos! The landscapes are wonderful! Can’t tell they are out of focus at all! Lovely!!!!

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