autumn – feast of colours and tastes

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned our wine making endeavors. It required fruit, yeast, sugar and enthusiasm on the side of the makers of said concoction.

Apparently we had enough of all of the above. Yesterday, we bottled both the blackberry and the apple wine.

It tastes as delicious as one might conclude from such presentation. We are so chuffed with the outcome that we just had to do a photo shoot. The apple wine is equally as successful in taste and looks. I attempted to paint the white wine in the clear bottle, you can see the result of the watercolour depiction on my art everyday month post for today.

But I do like the actual photograph I used for said drawing.

I just love these clear bottles, they show of their content in a most favorable way. I hope to design a nice label over the coming days.

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  1. Catherine W says:

    Oh wow! They look lovely, beautiful colours shown off by the clear glass, I wish I could taste some! Look forward to seeing your label design. xo

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