Fibers on Friday

I did it! I finally managed to knit something for Fibers on Friday. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages.
I follow Beth’s blog and she’s got a whole lot of day-of-the-week related blog posts. And her posts about knitting every Friday (which exlains the title of these posts, fibers on Friday) have had me itching to try knitting something for nearly an entire year. And today I finally did it. It’s Friday, here it goes:

a rather colourful hat. J thinks when I wear it I look like the tennis dude guy from “the royal tannenbaums” :-P
Who cares!
When I finished the hat I went straight on to the next bit of knitting, gloves -or mittens if I run out of steam.

What do you think, should I wear my hat cycling down to the market tomorrow morning? It is cold enough, I could do with a hat.

7 Responses to “Fibers on Friday”

  1. curlsofred says:

    Nice work! I love the hat!!

  2. I love these colors together. I especially like that pink/salmon color on the bottom of the hat. Is this a gift for someone?

    • forward tumble says:

      A gift to myself?
      No, not really a piece with much intention or planing, this is my way of tying up loose ends, literally. I’ve had the wool for over 15 years and have been meaning to get back into knitting for some time now. I thought I’d start with something simple. Colours are just what’s there, leftovers from a time when I did knit a lot more.

      Thank you for your praise and comments, Diane and Rachel :-)

  3. amy says:

    Love it! The bright colors are wonderful!

  4. autumngeisha says:

    Love the color combinations. You did a great job!

  5. ben says:

    It would be a crime to ride a bike without that hat.

  6. Beth says:

    You ROCK! I think it’s gorgeous!! And totally worthy of being worn on a ride to the market! Thank you so much for linking up, friend!

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