first snow

We’ve had our first snow. Ireland usually doesn’t get much snow at all, to get snow in November is very unusual. This country slows down and sometimes seems to come to a complete stand still when it snows. Roads are rarely cleared, people don’t have winter tires and if they do venture out, it’s a slip slidy and dangerous affair.

Temperatures climbed just above 0˚C for a little while so most of the snow fell from the tree branches and the road outside our house turned into a snowy sludge. At around 4 pm the sub-zero returned and made everything lovely and crunchy. The light was just beautiful so I went outside and took a few photos.

view across the field

I’m fascinated with the crows in the garden and eager to get an in-flight, close-up action shot. This guy was flying overhead but by the time I got the lens cap off he had turned and was heading off. Nice he decided to fly into the setting sun though.

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  1. curlsofred says:

    beautiful. just beautiful.

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