why do I blog?

Writing is more than just putting words on paper. It’s more than assembling a list of things that matter, let it be a list of events, when you summarise a day, a list of ingredients to prepare a meal, a list of goods to plan a shopping trip.

Writing can be made beautiful through the choice of words, through simplicity as well as through lush descriptions.

Meaning is given by the purpose.

Do you write for yourself? Do you write for another? Do you write to one or to many? Do you write to reach out? Do you write to teach and share? Do you write to communicate with yourself or others or both?

I like to write.
I would like to learn to write in a manner and style I enjoy to read.
I hope to write to release. I hope to write to order. I hope to write to channel. I hope to write to create.

The ideas are contained within my mind. Now I just need to learn to flex my writing muscles so one day my ideas will spill out and transform into a co-ordinated and well written piece of literature.

That’s why I blog. To try to write. To make a start.

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