won’t give up the day job – aka fibers on friday

I am making some progress in that I made something within a week for fof. But the result is… knobbly and crooked. It’s just about ok looking when worn, but well, I made it and if it wasn’t for the yellow wool in it, I would possibly even love it. And it obviously goes with the hat. Next up, glove number two and after that a scarf?? I’d be all set, I could do with two gloves outside at the moment. If you’ve read my previous post you will know we are having an unusual, early in the season and exceptional quantity of snow these days here in Ireland. There is nothing like a good motivator…
I had fun knitting with 5 needles. My husband was intrigued and humored especially because I kept dropping the needles and tended to bubble over with bad language whenever that happened.

P.S. It’s not that easy to take a decent photograph of your own hand in a glove in the evening indoor light :-P

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  1. Beth says:

    Ines!! There’s not a thing wrong with it! I LOVE it! Great job. And I love when something so quaint and dainty as knitting leads to cursing like a sailor….haha!

    You’re rockin’ the Fibers on Friday, girl, thank you!

  2. Keya says:

    Well, I like your gloves. I think you are right about the yellow, though–a little too gold for the rest of the color scheme. The actual stitches look pretty even and there’s a nice color arrangement. Give yourself some well-deserved credit, ’cause knitting gloves is no walk in the park! I’m your newest follower. Have a great weekend!


  3. curlsofred says:

    I’m actually quite in love with the colors…even the yellow. I guess it just depends on the person :) My problem is making another the same size to match. Kudos to you and love seeing what you’re doing! Stay warm. Much love.

  4. Catherine W says:

    Oh I like your glove. It doesn’t look knobbly and crooked from over here! I also like the yellow stripe, is it the mustardy yellow that is causing offence or the creamier shade? Or is that even a yellow? Hah, you can tell I’m not artistic can’t you?!

    Was knitting with five needles some sort knitting ‘in joke’? I do hope so, I can’t even wield two properly. :)

  5. forward tumble says:

    Thanks for all your comments and believing in my skills more than I do!

    I feel better about glove two in the making now. i was thinking maybe if i had a yellow finger along with the other four it might not seem such a odd colour out, but then I would need a petrol green/blue second thumb, too! :-P

    Maybe I’ll make the fingers of glove two different in colour. Hmm, we’ll see.

    And oh, Catherine, It’s the creamier shade that is causing offence. And reg. knitting needles check out the hat blog post, you can see five needles at the early stages of making the glove above. It isn’t actually a joke though sometimes I think it might as well be especially when you try to knit the fingers.


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