fibers – turning heels in the new year

Thank you all for the encouragement I received through your comments and emails regarding my latest knitting ventures. I am thoroughly enjoying it and if you’ve seen my latest post you might have noticed I’ve moved on to the next quest with reference to fibers of friday, socks. And I challenged my friend Beth to knit a pair of socks before the end of 2010, but it was mad and really too ambitious. We’re both busy and so Beth suggested we host the very first “turning heels in the new year”.

The task:
Knit a pair of socks during the month of January.
We have a pattern on Beth’s blog for anyone who wishes to use it (optional) and/or who needs some help (for anyone and all possible first timers!!). I’ll also post a pattern I’ve been using for the last two weeks with picture on the 31st of December. We’re also both happy to answer any questions.
And when done, Beth and I’ll post a Mr. Linky for everyone who participated to share.

Here the button:

you can sign up by entering into the link widget below:

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