27th of December – macro monday

As if someone came and switched the heating on… we had a massive melt over night and most of the snow was now gone this morning. There are two big snow balls either side of the driveway left from the snow people I made. The turlough is huge, flooding the top of our driveway and most of the field in front of our house.

There are no icicles left, just a constant drip and swoosh as the ice melts and slides down from the roof and inside the gutters. The wind is howling around the house, tearing at the branches of the trees, driving the rain, pelting it against the window panes. It seems to travel sideways instead of downward.

What a contrast to three days ago. Here the front garden just before sunset Christmas Eve.

This is what we’re looking at now:

I went outside for a few minutes looking for some marco-monday melt. But I couldn’t find anything beautiful or inspiring. I took a photo when the melt started. But that wasn’t today, but during a brief bit of melting a few days ago.

So I revert back to the old faithfuls. This is one of my very favorite Christmas ornaments for marco-monday.

3 Responses to “27th of December – macro monday”

  1. curlsofred says:

    What crazy weather! Love the ornament. Sending love.

  2. Skytimes says:

    Bummer how that much snow can vanish in such a short time… Love the little airplane-ornament. xo

  3. Oooooooooooooh winter wonderland and then the melting :) Love getting a glimpse at what you see outside your place. And what sweet tree/ornament shot! Sending warmth and love for the season! xo k-

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