all is fair in love

Is there a right? Or a wrong?

I always thought humanity has a deep set of rules, where good can be clearly differentiated from bad. That we all know what’s right and what’s wrong deep down inside. And instead of doing penance for the hurt/crimes we inflict on others with our actions we should be responsible and wise enough to not do such things in the first place…
But then we get into the entire business of quantifying emotions, wrong, hurt. And i come up with numerous examples in our life together and judging myself/us in my inner dialogue I hear a voice saying: “Well… that wasn’t so bad…” 
And I say, “Who is to say what wasn’t so bad, that it was actually inexcusable??”
So now I don’t think so… to the very first question I opened up with…. is there a right? or a wrong? I don’t think there is a wrong because I don’t believe you are wrong. You are true to your beliefs. So you can not be wrong. Believe in what you do and make sure it holds water… But does that make me wrong, the person who takes the other side of the argument? Am I wrong by default?
We sometimes say, agreement is overrated, but to me that sounds more like I take the convenient point of view.
I don’t know if this totalitarian polarisation is going to achieve the compromise so necessary to live with love and respect.
And just for the record, I don’t want to have the last word in any argument, EVER!
For the minute I have the last word, I deny myself the oportunity to learn. Now, to tie a knot into all this, am I denying you a oportunity to learn if I want you to have the last word?
To hell with this, I’m going to do some digging (after I enjoyed my cup of coffee (just to make my heart race just a little bit harder :-p ) more stimulus please LOL

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