fibers on friday – sock with a pattern

For the January Knit fest I bought sock wool with a variable thread colour, that makes the socks colour patterned without the additional task of managing multiple balls of wool. There wasn’t a huge selection, a choice of two colours to be exact. So I went for blue. And this is how it turns out with my knitting needles, number of stitches and way of knitting (socks are hard to photograph, they look rather misshaped when not worn and if you want to take a picture of them when they are on your foot then that’s a challenge, too.).

It was exciting to knit something without knowing how it would turn out. When you knit with this wool you have no control over when the different colours start so you have to surrender any control over the pattern you will have on the final piece of work. I found that hard and in some ways i find it difficult to own this sock and like it the way it is. It’s a bit like painting by numbers really. I did put my own bit of personal touch to it because I did double up the heel and toe tip again and for that I used some of the dark blue I had left over from the other pairs as it matches the dark blue in this wool itself.

This pre-patterned wool is easier to work with, for sure, but I prefer to mix my own colours and knit my own patterns. It’s an interesting experience though.

I know I’m way ahead of schedule for our knitting challenge but I wont have much time after next week so I’m keen to finish by next Friday. J is also showing signs of being fed up with my knitting during the evenings if we want to watch a movie at home because I do need to switch on the light every so often to count stitches or when things get complicated like working on the heel.

But i enjoy this knitting with a purpose. Happy fibers on Friday to you all.

3 Responses to “fibers on friday – sock with a pattern”

  1. Kristy says:

    I love the color / pattern of the wool. It turned out great.

  2. Beth says:

    I LOVE that sock!! Love the color and the pattern! I see a lot of people don’t like when their self-striping yarns don’t match up on each sock, but I think it adds interest! You are one fast sock knitter, my friend.

    I’m knitting my socks for myself….unless you want to trade :-) that would be fun, but…..I have BIG feet. Big.

  3. amy says:

    Wow! How cool that you knitted that sock! I’m impressed.

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