from above

On another blog I posted a clip of the flying scene in the original version of “The Thomas Crown Affair”. The flying shots in it reminded me of posting about a day a few weeks back. You see I went flying, too. So here some of the pictures of a really great day with dad.

We took out the motor glider, a great touring plane. Before we flew dad tested the plane flying solo so I got a picture of him approaching the runway.

First we flew over Potsdam and saw Sans Sourci from above,

then we flew over our old house,

was fun to go there, and very close to the no flight zone, so we headed back and looked at Ferch where my dad lives now.

I know these aren’t much for the general public/general interest but they are a trip down memory lane for me. And it was a big deal to go flying with my dad after all the upsets of the last… 30 odd years!

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