13th of January – pairs of socks

It’s not Friday, I know, but I’ve finished my second pair of socks this morning and have started to work on the third pair, which was actually the first pair, strictly speaking.
I thought I share the back story of my current sock mania which is the source of a good bit of slagging in our house, for it seems I’m constantly knitting. I’m also here to post the photos of the progress. I just wanted to explain how it came to me knitting three pairs in such short period of time, just in case you think I’ve gone gaga, no there is a reason.

About two weeks before Christmas I finished warming up to knitting by making a hat, cawl and gloves. For those I had used really old, leftover wool I had kept and lugged around from house to house (I’ve moved at least five times with these in a box somewhere) for something like 15 years. By mid December I was ready for the real thing after those test pieces. But instead of knitting for myself, I thought I could knit something for J which would make a nice Christmas present. But the thing with home knitting, it’s not everybody’s idea of fashionable attire and I thought I’ll play it safe with something less out there, but possibly something one would wear at least around the house, in the comfort of ones own home. So I got cracking straight away with some brand new sock wool:

This was it. My first sock was done in good time it took about a week of very enthusiastic knitting.
It turned out fine, the only problem was, it was way to small for J. Size was so hard to judge while knitting, it fit me fine but I knew it wouldn’t fit him. It just didn’t stretch enough for that. So I put it to the side to finish some other time and went straight into making another, bigger pair:

I was now under serious pressure to finish this pair because it was suppose to be a stocking filler for Christmas. I only managed to finish one by the 25th. In my enthusiasm in the run up to Christmas I had decided to challenge Beth to knit a pair before the year is out (she had been at me for joining her weekly knitting/crafting review fibers of Friday, so I thought I’d challenge her) and this pair was going to be the one. I just about made it, I knitted the last couple of rows on new years Eve. I hadn’t been able to challenge Beth into knitting before the end of the year, it was only me knitting. But I had a lot of fun and in the days before the New Year, Beth and I decided to host the real sock knitting challenge, so turning heels in the New Year was born. So between Christmas and the New year we were both busy me with more than just knitting my second sock for the late stocking filler. Beth made a button from a photo of sock no. #1 for the challenge and I, after searching the net for suitable patterns and explanation and finding none with photos, I decided to documented my knitting to then write the tutorial using pair number #2.

Along came January first and we were on for the big challenge. So I started knitting pair number #3, I had bought some multi-colour yarn for that. And now I’m finished that pair and have decided to go back to finish pair number#1. After all you can never have too many socks, can you? But to tell you the truth, I’m starting to get a tiny, little bit tired of knitting socks. I’m thinking of giving this pair away to a very dear friend of mine who’s had some rather bad, sad news, yesterday. I have a great new motivator I will continue to knit and also not suffer second-sock-syndrome.

There you go, I’m not gaga, it all makes sense doesn’t it? I will submit any progress on pair number #1 as my fibers on Friday post tomorrow. But before I go, I want to show you my multi-patterned pair finished, today.

If I ever get to knit another pair of socks like these (I have three balls of wool left so there is a chance I might), I would change the cuffs to something like 15 rows in ribbed pattern and then normal stitches until I get to the heel. I think it would bring out the pattern in the yarn that bit better.

See you tomorrow for an update for fibers on Friday.

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  1. Beth says:

    Pheeeeeewwww! that was a lot of knitting, my friend! I agree, take a break from socks. I must say, though, since I’ve just now finished only sock #1, I’m gung-ho for socks….I feel an addiction coming on. Especially if I can become proficient at your style of knitting, which will speed things along for me.

    I think you should move onto sweaters. I’ve just started the Shalom sweater which can be found on ravelry. I really love it so far.

    See you tomorrow for Fibers on friday!

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