from a distance

I’ve never posted a picture of myself on this blog before. I am going to break that rule today. J took this picture of me the other day, when we were down at the beach for an art project I was doing for the Dia de Los Muertos

The way I see myself has changed profoundly over the last twelve months. Never before have I felt my age, never before have I struggled with my self image. Maybe it’s all the trauma and pain of the last year that has caused that, maybe I’m just older and it is beginning to show for the first time.

I have very few pictures of myself where I’m happy the way I look. And this picture is one of the few. It’s a great picture and if there was a goat with a beard standing on that rock, it would still be a great picture. But, you can trust me on this one, things are not that bad yet, no, I’m not looking like a goat with a beard and hopefully never will.

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  1. Tina says:

    Wow, this is a truly stunning photo! xx

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