21th of January – fibers on friday

I assume some of you might be getting bored with my sock mania. But here is the thing, I have too much sock wool.

In the weeks before Christmas one of the supermarket had a promo/bargain sale of sock wool. You could buy packs of 4, each ball of yarn being 50g. I couldn’t resist and got no less than four packs (one of them was a gift given to me) which makes 16 balls, enough wool for at least 8 pairs of socks. Plus I discovered I had another 3 balls of sock wool in my left overs from way back when. And it turns out I don’t use up that much wool per pair and because I mixed the colors of my first three pairs I still have a grand total of 10 balls of wool left plus the 3 from old times.

Get my over stock/supply problem?
So I decided to keep on knitting socks. I wonder, would anyone want to swap socks with me, as in, we knit for a swap in February, or whenever you’re ready? You could call me knitting sock mad. But if you would like to swap with me, let me know. :-)

You might wonder where do I get the time? Well, I have more time than most people. I am a homemaker and because it’s winter there is less work/gardening to do outside (growing vegetables). But I knit mostly in the evenings (I’m getting good at knitting in the dark. Knitting and a film at nighttime is something I like) or sometimes in the quiet of the morning for maybe half an hour, after breakfast when others might read the morning paper. And I’m getting faster, it seems. I’ve knitted this current pair from two of the left over wools plus a bit of the new navy blue. These should be done by tonight, maybe tomorrow. I knitted the two socks in parallel because I don’t want anymore leftovers, so I knit until I run out of wool on both socks and then swap colours. I’ve just finished the lavender/pink colour and swap back to the cobalt blue mixed with the navy blue now.

Have you crafted, knitted anything this week?

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  1. Skytimes says:

    No crafting in my neck of the woods recently… work gets the best of my days (and dating gets the best of my evenings, ehm). But I just looooove your socks. If I could, I would swap… but the only thing I created in the last month are tobacco-pouches (which you might not need, considering you don’t smoke). I can do purses as well though.

    But the more you knit, the more I feel like joining… Big fan of striped socks… might check out the yarn-store later on.

    Need to give you a call soon… maybe saturday afternoon?


    • forward tumble says:

      yes, the more knitters the merrier! If my memory serves me right, they have wonderful yarn-stores down your way. And I’ll teach you sock knitting whenever you want.


  2. Beth says:

    Love those colors, Ines!! You already know I said I’d do a swap with you….what you want to find someone willing who has smaller feet?! hahaha!

    • forward tumble says:

      Anytime!! You just need to send me inch measurements and/or number of stitches. I have too much wool, so, big socks are the perfect solution :-)

  3. Have you thought about trying to knit a garment in the sock wool. That is what I’m going to try this year. I too have far too much sock wool. But aren’t hand knitted socks wonderful?

    • forward tumble says:

      Yes, hand knitted socks are wonderful. I now have two pairs for myself and wear them most days. I don’t think I’ll venture into knitting something else from sock wool, I find the thought of something big from yarn so fine positively overwhelming! At the same time it is tempting :-P Let me know how you get on with your big piece, will you?

  4. amy says:

    Nice socks! And that IS alot of wool!!

    My friend Nicole and I are taking a knitting class Monday and it is our goal to both knit a pair of socks in December 2011…. how’s that for catching onto your sock mania?


    • forward tumble says:

      it’s contagious! Better not come near me or you’ll be knitting hat’s gloves and cawls next.

      Enjoy your knitting class. I wouldn’t mind doing one of those for patterns like cable etc…


  5. forward tumble says:

    just finished this pair, it’s too late for a blog post, just wanted to let you know I have extra warm feet tonight. :-)

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