Sail away

I feel we badly need a holiday. It’s a difficult one when you work from home and live close to the beach in the countryside, because often every day days have a quality to them, that can be exceptionally good, like a holiday.

But they are not because the mail still arrives, the phones still get answered, the computers are switched on, the cats need feeding, the chores around the house are still there. I know it might sound lame, but we badly need a break from all the stress and disarray we had in the last 2 years. Somewhere far, far away where we can reset.

So tonight I was dreaming about holidays (for there is zero money in our coffers, so it is only a dream…).
A beach house in Australia (because its autumn/winter in the northern hemisphere now)?
Sailing in Thailand?
Snorkeling in the Caribbean?
Surfing in South Africa?
South America?

Anywhere would be fine with me. Two weeks away… heaven.

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