4th of February – fibers on friday

More socks… I can’t believe I’m knitting yet another pair. You did read correctly, I am knitting -present tense. I’ve just started a new pair even though I’ve knitted no less than 5 pairs in six weeks! I was away last week and where I went I gave away one of the pairs I’ve knitted (the gray and blue striped one) to a very special, dear person I know. And another person in his circle would really like one of my pairs of socks there, too. And so I started a pair for this person as well… I know, I’ve gone stir crazy with all this knitting, there is no other explanation.

Today, I’ll just show you the finished pair from last week.

The doubled-up yarn is something I can only recommend. I think using bigger needles (3.5) makes the socks that little bit more stretching and the thicker wool feels extra warm and cozy. In regards to keeping the gusset tight, I cast on the stitches after the heel and then do one entire row. After I come back to the heel I knit the first stitch on the needle, then reduce, knit the next needle and reduce one before last, then knit the last stitch before the needle change. That way the needle brake doesn’t coincide with the reducing stitches and the yarn is quite tight. Also, I only reduce every other entire row so the area where I reduce and the gusset forms, is tightened over with the following row. I hope that makes sense.

I do agree with Beth,well, I’ve come to the same conclusion, my next pair for myself will have a longer leg. I’m also tempted to try a pattern in the leg section, but don’t know much about patterns at all so there is a big uncertainty…


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    so freakin’ cool!

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