11th of february – another pair of socks

I finished the black and gray pair I mentioned in last weeks post a good few days ago. I still have to tidy them up before I can stick them into the post to go off to Berlin.

Our local supermarket had a lot of seasonal specials for knitters today, there were a lot of multi-coloured yarns for sale as well as various needles for bargain prices. But I couldn’t be tempted. I did however start talking with another woman who is about my age, she was seriously stocking up on wool and we both smiled about that. She invited me to join the local knitting club. She said it is attended by a lot of rather senior ladies but is a blast nonetheless and you even get cup of tea. Sigh. I’m not sure I’m ready for a knitting club, do you?
On a different note, spring is starting to show here in Ireland, the daffodils will start growing flowers shortly and the magnolias have big fat buds. I bought three bare-root fruit trees for my garden today and will be blogging on tunnel time very soon. So the time of knitting will come to an end for now, unless I join the ladies in the knitting club…

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  1. Beth says:

    Join the knitting club! You can’t stop knitting! Knitting is COOL….it’s all about being Cool (yeah right!)

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