6th of march – socks for monday

Tomorrow, Monday, a very good friend of mine is turning the fig 5-0. And I am express knitting these socks to give her as a present. I had to unravel the first sock I finished for fibers on friday back to the end of the heel section because I had reduced the foot section to a slightly smaller size thinking, her feet are two sizes smaller than mine, I better. But that was a mistake, it looked stupid. While I was knitting on the second sock I kept looking at the first being annoyed about the obvious disproportions of leg and foot section, so I undid it last night while watching a film. Now I’m under pressure to finish them on time for tomorrow morning. But I’m optimistic :-P

What have you been up to, lately?
Thanks for calling, Cherrio, gotta go! Lot’s to be done today.

4 Responses to “6th of march – socks for monday”

  1. Beth says:

    I really…REALLY…don’t understand how you do socks so quickly! I started a pair last Monday and haven’t even started the heal flap! Dreadfully slow, I am!

    • forward tumble says:

      maybe it’s European style… but then I do have endlessly more time, I knitted for an hr after breakfast this morning while others might spend time with family. countrylife is quiet in early march. :-)

  2. Catherine W says:

    You can do it! It must have been disheartening to have undo so much work :(
    I love the colours and I hope your friend likes the socks (and that they fit!)

  3. I’m always amazed when someone has the patience and takes the time to make socks.

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