Berlin sky

Whenever I’m in Berlin I stay in an apartment overlooking the old grenzstreifen which now, over 20 years later, has turned into a little suburban biosphere featuring trees, bushes, creepers, a pond and all sorts of avian wildlife. The frogs make a spectacular racket at night one could call it noise I guess. Maybe it is because I am on the 6th floor, up above the tree line so it is that bit further away… anyway I love their night time chorus. There has been some fantastic warm days this last weekend with only a few heavy showers on Sunday evening. I took this photo from the balcony.

PS I’ve stocked up on some sock knitting yarn and am currently on my second pair since I got here, I shall post FoF this week…

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  1. Catherine W says:

    I wish I could hear the frog chorus, it sounds lovely. Although I’m sure it is probably better appreciated from the sixth floor!

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