8th of april – 3 pairs of socks for fibers on friday

In my last post I promised I would post some photos of the latest sock mania.
Here it goes:

All the socks I knit now are made from doubled up yarn. I love the thick woolen sock feel and even though we’re coming into spring with the prospects of warm weather and sandals and things, it’s not too warm yet to wear a pair of these walking around the apartment especilly in the evenings. And I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity to wear them throughout the summer in our typical Irish summer climate at home, too. Sigh.
I bought a rather lighter coloured white and blue multi-coloured yarn and doubled it up with a lovely blueish petrol colour. I love the colour mix and made a second pair (the one on the left) from the left-overs but had to buy more of the light coloured yarn for the last sock. I knitted this pair with a stripe pattern which you can just about make out. I think these have quickly advanced to my favourite pair yet. And the best thing about them, they are all for me!

Excuse the poor picture quality, J went home to Ireland on Tuesday (with the good cameras – I didn’t want to lug them back as I prefer to travel light with hand luggage only).
I only have an ancient 1.3 mega pixel camera over here or the even crappier phone camera on my bone-no.k.ia.
The last pair of socks I want to share are the ones I knitted (and photographed before i left) in Ireland and posted about at the beginning of march.

And if you thought i might be finished with sock knitting, well, I have to confess i am not. I bought this wonderful sock yarn in a little shoe shop down in our local main street here in Berlin. It was on special and I simply couldn’t resist. Look at those vibrant colours!

3 Responses to “8th of april – 3 pairs of socks for fibers on friday”

  1. amy says:

    How many pair of knitted socks do you have now???? They are really wonderful though!

  2. Skytimes says:

    Viva Sockmania! Love the colourful yarn you bought. Bummed I missed your call the other day, will try again soon.


  3. Marushka says:

    Your socks look great! That variegated yarn will be fun to work with. I haven’t tried doubling the yarn up on socks, but it does sound like you get a very comfortable fabric that way. I will have to try it myself.

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