26th of June – much to do

I’m procastinating.
It seems to me, I’m standing still. Maybe it’s fatigue after all that’s been going on over the last two months. I am lacking the energy necessary to do the next bit of work on the various projects. Not getting anything done has an adverse effect on my mood and makes me slow down even more. And suddenly I find it take an even bigger effort to “do” whatever I deem necessary. The list is long:

  • plaster the wall in my work room
  • build doors for art supply cabinet
  • clear away piles of grass cuttings on front lawn
  • “weed”rake gravel in driveway
  • unpack more boxes
  • sort bills and paperwork
  • clear away more bracken and brambles in back yard
  • build more raised beds (5-10!)
  • plant out 15-20 fruit shrubs
  • trim hedge at gate
  • clear out three completely overgrown flower beds
  • and plant out my flowers from old house
  • pick elderflowers to make cordial
  • power wash patio
  • mow front and back lawn
  • build book shelf
  • paint hallway
  • fix back door
  • recycle card board moving boxes
  • hang up lamps

I think this list is long enough for anyone to get the picture that I might be a bit overwhelmed. But instead of getting stressed out I pick one or two of the things on my list and am happy to get those done. Tomorrow is another day after all.

Today is a fair weather day. It’s not blue sky, sunshine, but there is no rain and it is pleasantly warm. So if the midgies stay away, it is a good day to go outside. So, I’ll log of here with a smile on my face for blogging is one of the things I know I’ve done today, too.

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