another painting

I’ve just written a long post about my new creative outlet, painting. I can’t post it just yet because it contains a photograph of the painting which will be a Christmas present for one of my best friends and i don’t want to spoil it for her.

But I’m in a new groove so it seems. After a lie in and very late breakfast I found myself back at the drawing board, well, desk which was covered with paint tubes, mixing plates, pens, tissue covered in paint stains, brushes… and instead of tidying I got working again.

The flash distorts the colour a little bit.

4 Responses to “another painting”

  1. Mommy (You can call me OM) says:

    Beautiful. I want to say what my interpretation is, but I don't want to assign my thoughts onto your art. Will you tell us about it? :)


  2. forwardtumble says:

    Oh, please comment and tell me what you think, when you see it. that is part of the fun of posting it here! I'll tell you what I thought when I painted it later :-)

  3. angie says:

    That is very cool. It clearly looks like a representation of fertility, or a very sad tulip. Are you using acrylic? How long have you painted?

  4. forwardtumble says:

    yes, fertility is right, but sad tulip would also work, or red snowdrop on icefield??
    Yes, it's acrylic on canvas. this painting took something like 4 hrs, I only started using acrylic about 4-5 paintings ago (I know because I bought a stack of canvases about 2 years ago and have so far only used up 3 (I overpainted 2 pictures :-P) before that it was mostly water colour. I did a bit of oil in my youth… i don't have the patience for oil, yet, it takes to long to dry!!

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