6th of September – state of the place

In reply to Amy’s comment on my recent post about the felling I thought I’d share a photo or two about the state of the place since the harvester, that’s the name for the JCB like machine that does the felling, has come and gone.

Remember this tranquil forest walk right next to our house?

Now look at the next image. Quite a change, eh?

All the green wilderness to the left is our garden, you can just about make out the top of the chimney of our house center left in the next image, it gives you an idea just how close we were to all the action. It isn’t surprising we have one nervous feline friend suffering from urinary tract infection because, well, he usually prefers to go outside…

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  1. Catherine W says:

    Oh dear. What a shame. It looks so beautiful and peaceful in the original photograph and so . . . bald afterwards. I hope it will look a bit less raw when they have tidied up a bit and I hope that the replanting occurs like they said it would x

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